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SellerSprite is an all-in-one software which offers Amazon seller a complete suite of tools to launch and grows Amazon business – discover product, strengthen SEO, marketing, track product metrics and progress. The data is really similar to real data from Amazon, you can test it for free.

SellerSprite has both Web App and Chrome Extension, support 9 marketplaces: US/Japan/Germany/UK/France/Spain/Italy/Canada/India.


The features are consist of three sections:

Keyword Sprite

● Keyword Mining tool gives you the most relevant and optimal keywords to improve your traffic & PPC.
● Keyword Research tool helps you find market opportunity based on actual shopper’s demand.

● Keyword Checker tool helps you locate keyword positions for target ASIN.

● Provide the most accurate keyword search volume, purchase, search result, CVR, etc.
● Access up to 2 years of monthly search/purchase trends.

Product Sprite

● A large database with over 20M products each month, the sales data and data metrics are the most accurate.
● Competitor Lookup tool enable seller get an insight into the price, BSR, review, rating, hijacker, deals, sales, etc trends of competitors.
● Product Discovery tool enables sellers to find potential products based on the criteria set, like sales growth rate, etc.
● Market Research tool helps sellers find untapped markets based on market capacity, trends, competitive, volatility, etc.

Tracking Sprite

● Track the changes in price, sales, reviews and BSR for any product.
● Track competitors to get their strategy, track your product to record marketing performance.
● Track your or your competitor’s keyword daily ranking and visualize the changes.
● Easy-to-use dashboard, we redefine the tracking experience.

Reverse ASIN Tool

● Dig out the actual traffic-driven keywords of competitors, more accurate than any other tools.
● With the keywords which competitor is ranked for, improve your listing traffic and PPC efficiently.
● Discover all the profitable keywords which you may never think of.

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